Byron Farthing

Active Veteran Law Enforcement

​Officer - 24 Years

Ray Minor MLS, MS, BS, AAS

Founder / Owner
Illinois State Police

Master Sergeant Retired

Our Instructor


Ray is a retired 30-year Law Enforcement Veteran. Ray is a certified Illinois Law Enforcement instructor providing quality training for more than 25 years to local, state and federal law enforcement officers and civilians all ages. Ray began his career in 1985 serving as a local Municipal Police Officer, later as a Sheriff's Deputy before joining the Illinois State Police.  During his career he has served patrol assignments in large urban areas as well as rural communities.  He served in criminal investigations, education and training, motorcycle enforcement and in administrative command positions.    
Ray is an approved Illinois Concealed and Carry Instructor, a licensed firearms istructor by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation,  Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, Utah Certified Concealed Carry Instructor and is an Illinois State Law Enforcement Training Board Certified Law Enforcement Range Instructor. Ray has earned an MLS from Southern Illinois University Law School, MA from Rockford College, a BS in Education and Training with an Occupational Specialty in Police Science/Administrative Justice from Southern Illinois University and an AAS from Rend Lake College.

Ray has been awarded Departmental  Medal for Administrative Achievement and twice a Departmental Accommodation Award for his work in Personal Safety Education and Violent Crime Awareness and Prevention.  Ray is a two stripe blue belt holder in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and a licensed HAM radio operator.

Byron is an 24-year Law Enforcement Veteran.  Byron previously served with the United States Department of Justice BOP and Williamson County Sheriff’s Department and for a State Police Agency for the past 17 years.  

Byron is an approved Illinois Concealed and Carry Instructor and has been a certified Police Firearms Instructor since 1999, he is an Illinois State Certified Rifle Instructor, Certified Rapid Deployment Instructor and Certified Field Training Officer.  

Byron grew up in a “Law Enforcement Family” his father was a Police Firearms Instructor when Byron was a child, teaching him proper gun handling and firearm safety from childhood on.   Firearms safety is a way of life for Byron, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others to encourage effective and safe sport shooting, defensive shooting and law enforcement shooting.  

Chris has spent twenty five years in the firearms industry. Chris’ experiences and knowledge come from managing a multimillion dollar sporting goods store. Chris has received many hours of factory training from over twenty firearms manufacturers in the United States and abroad. 

Chris has been an active hunter’s education instructor for the State of Illinois for fifteen years. Chris is certified as an NRA pistol instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer. 

Chris carries certification for Utah as a Concealed and Carry Instructor, and is an approved Illinois Concealed and Carry Instructor.  Chris earned his Masters from Liberty University in Cyber Security and his B.S. from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale with an emphasis on Computer Sciences. Chris is currently a full time faculty member and Instructor at a local area college. 

Rick is a 39 year Law Enforcement Veteran and a Certified Illinois Concealed and Carry Instructor, certified Police Firearms Instructor since 1987,  he is an Illinois State Certified Patrol Rifle Instructor. Rick was awarded the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association Deputy Sheriff of the Year 2012.  

Flip is a 44 year law enforcement veteran. He worked for the West Frankfort Police Department starting at age 17 as a dispatcher for 4 years. He has worked the last 41 years with the Franklin County Sheriff’s office as a dispatcher, patrol deputy sheriff, detective, and now the investigations lieutenant. He is a certified Illinois concealed carry instructor, a certified police firearms instructor, as well as a patrol rifle instructor. Flip is a special federal officer with the United States Secret Service attached to a cybercrimes task force. He is also affiliated with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. He has received extensive training in the field of digital forensics, network intrusions, and child exploitation investigations. He has had vast experience in that field since 2009. Flip has been IT manager for the Franklin County E911 system for the last 15 years. Flip has received numerous awards and commendations over his career.

Michael has been a high school and college instructor for 31 years, and worked for Illinois Department
of Corrections. He has taught firearm related classes at Rend Lake College.
Michael has been an avid firearms enthusiast for the entirety of his adult life causing him to seek firearm
training, instruction and safety. This propelled him into facilitating firearm training.
Michael is a certified instructor in Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, Emergency First
Aid Fundamentals, Countering the Mas Shooter Threat and Women’s Handgun and Self Defense
Fundamentals. He has also taught AR-15 courses and reloading classes at Extreme Exigency.
Due to his long tenure and experience in education, Michael always strives to be thorough, precise and
patient during the classes he instructs. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of firearms,
both inside and outside of the classroom.

Stacy is the Office Manager with Extreme Exigency. She handles the preparation for applications for Concealed Carry Permit Process, along with keeping records and taking care of day to day needs of the business. She electronically submits Illinois Concealed Carry Permit applications/renewals and FOID  applications/renewals and follows-up on any issues with the application process. She handles Utah renewals electronically and assists with Florida and Utah renewal applications as needed.

When not functioning as an office manager, Stacy is a Registered Nurse. She has been a nurse since 1998 and has worked in Obstetrics since January 2000.  Stacy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at SIU Edwardsville and her Associate of Applied Science as a Registered Nurse, Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees from Belleville Area College.  

Stacy enjoys community work and hopes to continue serving communities through our Foundation.  In the past, Stacy has assisted with Flu Shots and multiple car seat events.  She is an avid supporter of our 2nd amendment rights and an Illinois, Florida and Utah concealed carry permit holder. 

Kent is a United States Air Force veteran serving in the Security police. During this time, he was responsible for security in alert nuclear facilities, weapons training instructor and Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of   manning for the 90th Security Police Group. He has been an avid firearms enthusiast and a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment through the NRA for more than 40 years, to include being a life member for the past 20+ years. He is a graduate of multiple firearms training classes including Dave Spaulding “Handgun Combatives” and Larry Vickers “1911 operators’ certification.” He graduated in 2008 as a Registered Nurse and subsequently has over 9 years’ experience in emergency medicine. Returning to school in 2015 he completed his Master of Science degree as a Family Nurse Pracitioner. He is currently employed by the Veterans Health Administration, providing primary medical care to home bound veterans. He also serves as the “Safety Champion” for an off-campus facility where he is responsible for enhancing security/safety for all medical personnel.    


Extreme Exigency Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Training

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Richard "Flip" Minton

Active Veteran Law Enforcement
Officer 44 Years

Rick Veldman

Active Veteran Law Enforcement 

Officer 39 Years

Michael Dollins

Firearms Instructor

Kent Edwards, MS, FNP

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Stacy Minor, B.S.N, RN, AA, AS,AAS

Office Manager