William F. Sherwood - Vice President/General Counsel for Southern Illinois Healthcare,  I want to let you know that my daughter and I completed the concealed carry training course put on by Ray Minor's Extreme Exigency in Hurst.  The course was excellent and I highly recommend it.  The instructors are friendly and helpful but most importantly, they know what they are teaching.  All of the instructors have substantial training backgrounds with the skills and expertise to go with it.  Everyone taking this course, novice to experienced pistol shooter, will learn more than you can imagine over two full days of training.  The facility is newly renovated and well done.  If you take this course, you will be eligible to apply for an Illinois, Utah and Florida concealed carry license; having those three licenses allows you to carry a concealed weapon in all but a handful of states,  Extreme Exigency sends you home with everything you need to apply for a concealed carry licence, including completed applications, pictures, fingerprint cards ad required copies, for Utah and Florida.  Extreme Exigency can even make arrangements with you to file the Illinois application for a modest fee of $30!  If anyone is interested in taking a concealed carry course, I strongly encourage you to take it at Extreme Exigency.

Franklin County Sheriff Donnie Jones - Over 35 years of Law Enforcement experience and current Sheriff of Franklin County, Illinois. "I have known Ray Minor for nearly 30 years  as a supervisor, co-worker, classmate, co-instructor, and close personal friend.  Ray is one of the most community-minded, highly competent, and passionate people I have ever known.   Ray is an instructor with great communication skills and knowledge of the law.  I wholeheartedly endorse his efforts to provide his community with this important education in personal safety and legal aspects included in his Extreme Exigency Personal Pistol Protection Pedagogy courses. "

Ron Knox - Retired Benton Middle School Principal, "I have known Ray Minor for many years. As his former teacher and school administrator I have followed his career in law enforcement with a measure of pride in his accomplishments. I support his efforts to provide qualified firearm training and certification for the residents of Southern Illinois."

Robert Buser - Emeritus Professor Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “In my role as the evaluator of over 200 training for the State of Illinois and surrounding states in general areas of School Safety/Security, I worked with numerous presenters.  It was in this capacity, I met Ray Minor.  In my opinion he is an outstanding trainer of Personal/School Safety and Security.  Indeed, he is among the best trainers of adult personnel and staff.  Ray has authored and published Security/Safety materials which are of excellent quality.  Given Ray’s interest, ability and dedication, he is a natural for training personal firearms safety.  It is my honor to appraise Ray’s abilities as a trainer and program developer.  He is one of the best.  I recommend him without reservation or qualification. “

Don Wilburn - A retired Deputy Sheriff, and owner of D.A. Wilburn Construction while active in Christian Ministry.  He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and the founder of  www.where2.org.  " Awesome class! Loved the safety part about how not to be a victim.  I also have to say...that is one cool range." 

Pamela Jones - Teacher West Frankfort Public School District, "One of the more important trainings that I have attended. I was amazed at how quickly 4 hours went by. The information was presented in a format that made perfect sense and was highly relevent to each individual present. After having Ray's training the only thing I need is a little more practice on the range."

Ray, Mike, and Byron - Thank you SO much for the training last night! I learned so much, especially about how to properly hold and fire a pistol.  You guys did a fantastic job with the class and the firing range. Your rapport with the people made the class fun and relaxing, yet still informative where we could learn what we need to know. I think this class is extremely important for women to take, whether they pursue the conceal and carry permit or not. The training in self-protection is priceless.  Thanks again for the training. I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time.

Shelly Wilburn - http://www.shelleywilburn.org/2013/06/dont-be-victim.html?m=0

Michael Dollins - Teacher Carbondale High School,  "I cannot speak enough about how much Amy and I learned from your course. Though I had a knowledge of guns and shooting, I still learned a lot. Amy, kind of looked forward to it but she will tell you that it exceeded her expectations as well. Amy especially appreciated how female friendly the course was. The instructors were always patient with her and never once was there a condescending tone. We are both looking forward to session #2. "

Kathy Eickelman Co-Owner Oliver & Associates LLC - I was and am so excited that the State of Illinois passed the conceal carry law. I finished the second class with Ray, Michael, Bryon, and Chris. I learned so much not only about the laws but the on hand training was amazing. It makes you stop and think. It makes you realize this is real and you do need this training. I personally have known Ray for over forty yrs. Watched him work his way up the chain of command. I would trust him with my life and feel that the guys working with him are on the same page as he is. I truly feel safer taking this class not only for myself but when I have my grandchildren with me. By taking their classes you are not only making this a safer Place for yourself but for everyone around you. They believe in what they are teaching you and when you finish the class you will believe that as well. I wish them the best and would recommend them to everyone.